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[fancy_header]Boxed header[/fancy_header][fancy_header type= »style3″]Underlined header[/fancy_header][fancy_header type= »style2″]Section header[/fancy_header]

Impact headers

[impact_header]Impact header with only header[/impact_header][impact_header type= »heading-button » button_text= »Check it out »]Impact header with heading and button[/impact_header][impact_header type= »heading-subheading » subheading= »This is the sub heading of an impact header »]Impact header with sub heading[/impact_header][impact_header type= »heading-subheading-button » subheading= »This is the sub heading of an impact header » button_text= »Check it out »]Impact heading with

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sub heading and button[/impact_header]

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